Just Another SAHM Pretending To Be A Blogger

You know how it goes. Woman worked a moderately satisfying career. Woman had baby/babies. Life changed for woman. Woman chose kids over career. Woman stayed home and needed something fun to do besides playing dress up and clean up. Woman started blog. And here we are.

I won’t pretend to be super interesting. My life really isn’t all that thrilling. Am I even writing a lifestyle blog? Who knows. What I do know is that life changes. Having babies, switching from a desk job to a 24/7 ‘job,’  losing loved ones, and so on, sure can bring you to your knees. And it’s there that I’ve discovered a bit about a life lived well. I mean, isn’t a life lived well what we all want? For our babies to grow into responsible, kind adults? For our homes to be a place of peace? To have traveled the world and to travel through time, even if only on the playroom floor?

I’m Lauren, and what I want is a life lived well. Well with my soul. Follow along to see where these crazy chronicles take us.


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