Five on Friday

Happy Friday, friends! Kids say the darndest things, right? As wild and crazy as our days are right now, I want to always remember the sweetness and humor that goes along with age two and a half. So, for my first Five on Friday, here are five toddler-isms for your weekend!


One. “Oh this blanket is so nice and toasty, like a WAFFLE!”

Two. E held her nose and said super dramatically, “yuck, that smells like acorns” (referring to her brother’s diaper).

Three. “Let me stop the rain with my super duper phone!” (Points phone out the window and says, “stop rain!”).

Four. “I’m just going to sit right here and wait for the tomatoes to turn red so I can eat them.” (Proceeds to sit on the ground for a solid 10 minutes and stare at the tomatoes).

Five*. Pressing the iPhone home button, “Okay Google…”

*Just kidding, that last one was her daddy. Ha, sorry J, I couldn’t resist throwing it in there.

I’d love to connect on Instagram and get to know you better too!

Cheers to the weekend, daddy being home, and a babysitter for date night!


One thought on “Five on Friday

  1. Toddlers really do say the darnedst things! I know our almost four year old keeps us rolling. Makes life perfect. 🙂 Hope your weekend was wonderful!


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