Post-Partum Anxiety

The two under two life, postpartum hormones, adjusting to being a SAHM, and the first Christmas holiday without my dad, resulted in a significant amount of anxiety at the end of last year. After a lot of research on the internet, I learned that post-partum anxiety affects 15-20% of women. Wow. And the solution all of these articles talked about was medication. I knew it was a phase, and that medication wasn’t the best option for me (although it is for many people, and you shouldn’t be ashamed if that’s the route you chose). Still, I didn’t want to live with the effects of anxiety. After further research, I was introduced to a friend who spent a lot of time educating me on essential oils and their effectiveness for relieving anxiety. As a fellow mom, Erin understood what life with two little ones was like. She was so kind and patient in explaining how essential oils worked and the personal benefits her family has experienced from using them. What I loved the most was that Erin was well researched in the benefits and safety of essential oils. After reading some of the research she shared, I decided to give EO’s a try. The cost of oils had to be less than a doctors visit bill and prescription for anxiety meds, right? Absolutely.


I started diffusing Young Living’s lavender + bergamot at night and was immediately sleeping like the baby in the bassinet next to me. (yes, EOs are safe for babies too!). And when sweet E spent the majority of the winter season sick, and I had a newborn at home, that baby was diffusing all. day. long. Lavender + bergamot to destress, thieves + lemon to ward off germs, and peppermint+lavender for the postpartum migraines that popped up several times a week.

I share all of this in hopes this helps other women, who might have similar experiences, not feel so alone. About one in five women will feel the effects of post-partum anxiety or post-partum depression. I personally felt ashamed and embarrassed that I couldn’t ‘handle’ it all at the time. And although the postpartum anxiety and migranes are behind me, I was so thrilled to find a natural solution to help my body and mind during such a crazy hormonal time period.

I’ve continued to see the benefits of EO’s in our every day life and am excited to keep discovering more. If you’re interested in learning more about essential oils, Erin would love to chat with you. She’s a great resource and will never push a product or sale on you. I ask her questions all the time as I’m learning and she’s more than happy to talk with me (and it doesn’t hurt that she’s super sweet!).

Erin Vinson | 704-281-0175 |

Disclaimer: I do not sell Young Living products, and this post is not sponsored. These are just my personal experiences.


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