I’ve always wanted to grow up too fast. When I was a freshman in high school I was joining clubs and volunteering to build my resume for college. When I was in college I was focused on finding the best internship opportunities and spending as much time as possible networking. After graduation I was in a hurry to plan a wedding and get married. I couldn’t settle for my first job post graduation and worked hard for a promotion year two. Then we wanted kids. Then I wanted a well balanced career with kids. Then I wanted another kid. And then my heart changed. I didn’t want more. I wanted less.

So here I am. Almost a year into simplifying and settling into a rhythm of life that has brought great contentment and joy. I truly believe I’m right where I’m meant to be. In the trenches of toddlerhood, spending my days teaching kindness, kissing boo boos, and taming tantrums. But I can also finally lift my head up enough to wonder, what else? How else can I better serve my community and myself? How can I maintain my identity as more than “household manager” and “Mom?”

So, I’m simplifying again. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks searching my heart (hence, why it’s been quiet here) and have decided to reduce my commitments. It’s my hope that making more room for margin will lead me to discover where God is calling me to serve. It’s hard to know that you’re being called to do something, or being prepared for something new, but not yet knowing what it is. But, that’s what faith is; saying ‘Yes, God, I will follow where you lead.’


Over the next few weeks I’m going to share about how we’ve simplified our daily routines, dinnertime, our home and more. And what I’m currently working on simplifying, like our finances, and hospitality. A lot of my inspiration comes from some well respected women like Lysa TerKeurst (The Best Yes) and Emily Ley (A Simplified Life and Grace Not Perfection). I’d love for you to leave your best tips for simple living in the comments below!


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